Black Grove Dairy

  1. To produce raw milk, cheese and other fermented products.


  • To keep a herd and direct market milk.
  • To produce fine cheese and other probiotic products from excess. 

    Grass-fed, raw goats’ and sheeps’ milk – Our Milk and milk products will be from raw or minimally processed Milk

    Why?  When milk is pasteurized, it destroys many of the nutrients that make raw milk beneficial. Allergies and lactose intolerance are higher with pasteurization as well. Another major negative of pasteurization is that it destroys the digestive enzymes needed to break down and absorb certain nutrients. It also denatures the whey protein. Compared to Pasteurised milk, raw milk has:

    • Almost double the vitamin A
    • 4 times as much vitamin c
    • 3 times more iron
    • 3 times more zinc
    • Almost double the B-complex vitamins
    • More calcium

    Why goats and sheep?

    It is also recommended as an alternative for Allergies and intolerances as it is alkaline and naturally homogenised so easier to digest. The medium chain fatty acids can be directly absorbed by the intestine.

    Due to their smaller size compared to cows, we can still maintain a healthy, diverse flock with a relatively small parcel of grazing land.