Carrots again…

Its time to direct seed somemore carrots.
Im nervous.
History so far…
Last year some tiny pathetic roots.then
I pulversised the bed and got lits of carrots but also lots of weeds. Alot of the carrots were cuddling.
This year i direct seeded with my earthway seeder in feb but they had delayed fermibation and were sparse when i did see them. I hadnt protected well enough from cold and there was a dry spell where i qasnt able to water.
The started to germinate just as i decid ed d to scrap the bed and replant with dwarf french bean. Its hard to dig up carrots from in between bean plants. Th r y are also hairy.i hadnt wateted enough in th ed dry spell.
Then i did minimal till on the bed with lively compost on the top. I had done the stale seedbed technuque and i mixed the carrot seed with sand in about 1 to 50 mixture and planted 3cm deep drills in 5 rows across th he ved. I set up a drip line when they were germi nb ating.
They came up so well but too clise together. I have to thin them but ive wasted so much seed! They are covered with fleece an d cliches and im try I g to keep them moist. They should be ready in about 4 weeks all being well.
So…now time to plant again. I get so nervous but as eluzabeth gilbert said. Lets use the eeal word for perfectionism.fear! Fear of failure.
Ok so im going to mix I n ratuo 1 to 100. As recomended gere
I prepped carrot seed bed in rain. Used minkmin tull techniques with broadfork wheel ho rake and rolled. Its neen a stale seedbed for two months. Ill do 8 riws 9 cm apart on my 30 inch bed.ill cover with fleece and cliches and set up the sprinkler ststem there for the first three weeks. Ill water them well in the miring and at night and make sure they get little and offten the rest of the time. Ill put them next to beets and rocket and loose keaf salad.
Wish me luck!!

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