Order our whole or half grass-fed Lambs now to be picked up by September 2020

Email: BlackgroveFarm@outlook.com for an order form.

Would you like to support this sustainable British farm to continue our commitment to ensuring high standards of animal welfare and environmental stewardship?

You can do this buy pre-ordering healthy, nutrient dense, quality food directly from Black Grove Farm for a fraction of the price of what you would spend in the supermarket.

What are the benefits of becoming a member of Sheep Share?

Cruelty free

Our lambs are outdoor reared in a peaceful environment, on pastures and allowed the time and space to wean naturally from their mothers.


Pure 100% Grassfed on herb rich pastures with no added nasties. Grass fed lamb has one of the highest levels of CLA and omega 3 fatty acids essential for heart health as well as anti cancer, anti-diabetes and anti-fat properties. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin B12, niacin, Zinc and a good source of Iron.

Less waste

By selling sheep in this way, it ensures that there is no waste. The whole animal is used.


You are saving 20% on buying cuts separately from the supermarket. Cutting out the middle man means savings for you and more support for us to continue farming sustainably.

Supporting the local, rural economy.

We are providing work for shearers, abattoirs and local butchers. Reversing the declining trend in farm skills in the British countryside and supporting a move towards greater food sovereignty for the UK.

Good for the planet

Low carbon-reducing your food miles. Plot to plate in just a few miles if you live locally.

No GMO-100% grass-fed. No rain forests are cut down for these animals.

Minimal plastic used and takes up a small space in your freezer.


How do I eat a whole/half lamb in one go? I’m not a fricking lion!

For those who, like me, are unfamiliar with buying wholesale meat until recently…relax. You don’t have to fly to the US and enter an eating competition to get into training for your order. Its actually very easy and convenient. The butcher cuts it into appropriate sizes, vacuum packages, labels it and freezes it ready for your collection. The meat lasts in your freezer for up to a year to be eaten at your leisure. The steaks and chops can be packaged in amounts suitable for your family requirements. The List of joints I have given is just a recommendation any tweaks can be discussed with a quick phone call or pop in to the butchers in Ware. Which leads me to my next question….


But I don’t like going into the butchers!! They are a bit stroppy and look at me weird when I don’t know what ‘cut’ I want or how lbs of each. What will it be like?

Don’t know your chump steak from your cutlet? Only ever bought meat from the supermarket? Fear not. The list we have given you will provide you with easy cuts to cook and you don’t need to be an expert. Also, Rick at Gannon’s butchers is very gentle with newbies and isn’t fazed by the most seemingly ignorant of questions (he has had to educate me!). He is passionate about what he does and zealous in converting members of the public to the benefits of well cut, good quality meat. Just don’t make jokes about his name ok? Yes it rhymes with Gammon but seriously. You’ve been warned.

I don’t have space to swing a cat…let alone operate a chest freezer. Where will I put it all!

Again, relax..a whole Lamb is between 14 and 16kg of meat which is a lot but actually can fit in two drawers of a normal freezer. It fits in a cubic foot of space or a milk crate size. You just need to play a bit of freezer tetrus. Alternatively, you could remove the miscellaneous unlabelled Tupperware of frozen food you have been stashing in there because you don’t want to throw out leftovers but it might be 5 months old or 5 years and it doesn’t seem very appetising to you for some reason.


Look, I really want to support sustainable farming in the UK and everything but I just can’t afford it right now. I have a mortgage and bills to pay, how do you expect me to spend so much on meat?

Well it turns out that by buying a whole or half lamb from us you would actually be making an 20% saving on buying those cuts separately from the supermarket and I’m not even talking about organic packs from Waitrose. I’m talking about bog standard, water injected, no idea where its come from, how its been treated, what its been fed meat. I repeat…you would be making a 20% saving on what you would have spent buying that separately. This means fewer trips to the supermarket, less money spent and food security for when the apocalypse/Brexit comes (assuming your freezer is solar powered!).

How the hell do you cook a leg of lamb?

We will be providing you with recipe suggestions for how to prepare the joints whether its steaks on the BBQ, diced lamb Irish stew in the slow cooker, Easter Leg of Lamb in the Aga (darling!), lamb with foraged goodies over a campfire or microwave mince. You can do it…your friends and family will be so impressed and its delicious!