Mulching party time (it’s what we do for fun!)

Mulching Party!!(Its what we do for fun)
A gang of us from ages 2 to too old! gathered at Black Grove Farm in December 2019 to mulch another no-dig market garden.
  • Got Cardboard from Steve at Highway Cycles Hertford…check! (He diverts these huge bicycle packaging boxes to us on his weekly tip run. They are perfect for mulching. We just tear off any sellotape or plastic, pull out the staples and lay them down double thick on the bare soil. The better the coverage the less likely those pesky perennial weeds will poke their heads up. Hmm..yes creeping buttercup and dock..I’m talking about you!).
  • Got aged Woodchip...check! (diverted from being tipped two years ago by the helpful tree works team at Stevenage council. We barrow this onto the cardboard in 8 inch thick layers to eliminate the light, add organic matter , soil life and tonnes of mycelium to the garden paths).
  • Horse manure.…not yet! (we are still trying to source some organic, local horse manure that can be delivered in over 8 tonne amounts)
  • Got a team of amazing, hard working Wwoofers(willing workers on organic farms)…check! 4 (and a half) generous and adventurous people who had never met before rocked up to warm themselves up in the December sun and forget their troubles for a day. We shared a meal and they went home smiling with a half dozen eggs and some freshly picked carrots and cured Garlic. Thankyou Dan Keeley, Cheryl, Sona and 2 year old Mila..she was the gangmaster. I’m so grateful for all you help.

    yellow miranda and oxhellia 20kg carrot harvest from the garden December 2019
  • Got a delicious, nutritious Vegan meal…Check! I made a pumpkin, coconut and chickpea stew with quinoa and lots of cumin and coriander to warm us up. Boiled eggs for some.
  • A boiling hot cup of tea…not quite! the storm kettle didn’t make it past 70 degrees before we had to head off for the school pick ups but with much teabag agitation we managed to get a very weak, milky cup of Earl Grey.

As you can see from the picture, heaps of progress was made…no pun intended. We have created one and a half bed. Just another 16 and a half to go. We can do it!!!

If you would like to volunteer next time please get in touch using or like and follow our facebook page at

Our aim is to have two no-dig market gardens next year to Mulch, sow and then reap! We would like to expand to grow enough food for 30 boxes in 2020 up from 5 in 2019.


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