Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Scheme members will enjoy a weekly supply of local fresh vegetables, all grown without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides and the opportunity to purchase fresh, pastured eggs in Colliers End, Ware.

Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a partnership between farmers and the local community, providing mutual benefits and reconnecting the people to the land where their food is grown.

To find out more about what a CSA is and examples from across the UK see https://communitysupportedagriculture.org.uk/.

It sounds great! How do I join?

We are inviting new members to sign up to our Community Supported Agriculture Scheme in January 2019 ready for vegetable shares from June to November 2019.

Please email blackgrovegreens@outlook.com We can start with a minimum of 10 members signed up.

Is it for  you?

  • You are looking for fresh, organically grown vegetables and healthy, nutritious eggs from happy hens and want to participate in the farming experience on a beautiful, green and open small holding with other local people.
  • You can commit to a monthly standing order or pay up front for a minimum of 6 months to provide the financial stability and security to make this social enterprise sustainable and strengthen our local food economy.
  • You live within 7 miles of the farm (SG11 1EP) and can pick up your weekly veg box and eggs from the farm on either a week night or a Saturday.
  • You may be toying with the idea of having an allotment but can’t find the time needed to do this alone (average 12 hours a week).
  • You may have children and have the desire for them to see where their food comes from and need a welcoming place where they can get muddy outdoors while they learn.
  • You would relish the opportunity to volunteer alongside people of all ages, genders and races,from all walks of life, some may be in recovery from a physical or mental illness or otherwise using the farm as a bridging place to help overcome social isolation and find connection at a vulnerable time in their lives.

Two different types of membership, which one is for you?

  • Full membership: £15.50 per week for 26 weeks.
  • Half membership:£15.50 per fortnight for 13 weeks.

Volunteer only-You can also chose to just come and volunteer without being a customer. 

Whats in the box?

Whatever is looking good in the garden that week! There will be a vegetable planting plan but we can’t specify exactly what will be in the box.

  • We will aim to provide weekly staples of potatoes, carrots and onions,plus at least two greens  (spinach, chard, salad, kale) and some seasonal treats from the list below, making the number of different vegetables up to 8 or more in the summer.
  • French beans, cucumber, squash, courgettes, beetroot, turnip, broccoli, tomatoes, aubergines, chillies, Leeks and garlic.

The amounts will be to provide for 3 or 4 people. If you would like to share a share, you can collect your box every two weeks.


Optional Eggs

  •  You can be part of the Egg CSA too for £8 PCM/half dozen pastured hen’s eggs weekly or multiples there of.

What does the work involve?

There are many jobs to do around the farm including:

  • Working in the veg beds
  • Working in the polytunnels
  • Working in the flower garden
  • Planting seeds,
  • Transplanting seedlings
  • Weeding
  • Hoeing
  • Watering
  • Mulching
  • Harvesting the veg and flowers
  • Helping with the veg boxes
  • Topping up the bark paths
  • Woodwork / making or fixing things
  • Moving the chickens
  • Feeding the chickens
  • Collecting eggs

There is a choice of jobs to do each week and members choose which jobs suit them the best. And you can do one job for an hour or so and then swap and do something different.

Some jobs involve sitting down – e.g. planting seeds. Others can be more strenuous and these are often very popular with those who use their farm membership as an alternative to joining a gym!

The relevant tools and training are provided.

If this sounds like your cup of tea then email blackgrovefarm@outlook.com to let us know and you will have the unique opportunity of being a member of the first CSA in East Hertfordshire and helping shape and build this project from scratch.