We put Ecology at the centre of farming because a healthy soil and a diverse ecology is the foundation for producing nutritious food and a healthy society. Example: Our commitment to minimum till farming and horticulture to enhance soil biology. Banning chemical pesticides or fertilizers to not disrupt soil biology or harm wildlife or pollute river ecology. Planting a permanent pasture with a diverse herbal ley and mob grazing. Coppicing woods on a rotational basis as recommended by wildlife trusts.


To keep us resilient and viable, we want to minimise reliance on bought in inputs and limit debt so decision making stays in our hands. Grass fed organic farming not industrial factory farming based on imported grains. Building the business slowly using funds from working off site. Farming without buildings, permanent fences, running water until we can afford it. Making do. Using solar powered electric fences. Not taking out a huge mortgage!


It’s the heart of the farming culture. We do not wish to be completely self-sufficient-but interdependent with the network of small farms here and with other businesses in the community. Source manure, compost and hay locally. Go to events and connect with local farmers and growers and community groups. Have volunteer days and write blog so other possible new entrants to farming can learn from our experience.


Farms are a central pillar of rural communities and rural culture. We would like to be embedded in the local rural economy, providing services, produce and experiences and employment. CSA for people under 7 miles away.

Advertising and publicity priority and discounts given to local villages. 4 open days last year with over 200 members of the public coming to experience rural skills and spent time outdoors with family.


We value local distribution of healthy food above the production of commodities for export. We would like to create a market for organic veg that ensures a fair price for growers and for customers. Salads to local pubs, restaurants and farm shops. CSA to people under 7 miles away.


We take pride in producing high quality products that are healthy, nutritious and made with integrity. We work so hard to improve soil quality so that produce grown has the maximum minerals and vitamins, and animals eat the healthiest grass. We do not use GM or soy based food. We try to source grains from sustainable farming practices.