Crowdfunding: The Roller Coaster ends on a high.

We have great news!

After having a think and some meetings and some emails, Herts County Council have agreed to honor their ‘match funding’ pledge with an extra £5000.
So every pound people donated has been doubled…and the total is up at the £10k mark. (Some charges are being taken off.)
Now we can show HCC the benefits of CSA, and how their support will help many more people have access to a place to connect with nature, food and community. We are the first CSA scheme (community Supported agriculture) in Hertfordshire…but not the last. ‘Tewin Greens’ is now getting started in Tewin Bury Farm, by our very own food grower from last year. Lloyd.
I had really let go of making our full target, but some things take you by surprise! After months of fundraising on social media, I was feeling a bit jaded and disconnected from the land. That day I went out with the kids to kiss as many trees as we walked past and just treasure it all. Its too easy to walk out of the office and see jobs to do instead of the beauty and generosity of Mother nature.

When, I came home there was a missed call from Crowdfunder and the rest is history!
We are currently writing and reviewing safeguarding, health and safety and volunteer policies to be ready for volunteers and vulnerable people and creating a job description for the next member of the team.

I feels like the good ship Black Grove Greens is on course and the wind is picking up! Climb aboard me hearties…

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